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List your 'Legal Services' with a FREE Basic Listing or a Premium Listing

You can list yourself as a lawyer or your law firm with our FREE "Basic Listing" or upgrade to a "Premium Listing".

Why is it a great opportunity to list your services on UNIGU.COM?

  • Basic Listings is FREE
  • Premium Listing is only $99/year
  • Become a Member of This Specialized World-Wide Directory
  • Maximize Your online presence
  • Let Your Services Be As Searchable As Possible
  • Have A World-Wide Market
  • Submit Your Legal Articles

Please follow the following instruction to list your services.

How to list your name as a lawyer or your law Firm

  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. List Your Legal Services
  4. Start Lising and Creating Your Page
  5. See Your Page
  6. Edit Your Listing
  7. Print Your Page


a) Register, Confirm and Login

a1) Register with a valid email

  1. Enter a name
  2. Use a valid email
  3. Confirm your email
  4. Create a password
  5. Confirm your password
Register on UNIGU.COM

Or simply,

b) Log In With A Social Account

No Need To Register

Use Your Social Networks Accounts

  1. Click on your chosen social network
  2. Log in with your account
  3. You will be logged in to UNIGU.COM immediately
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What is the difference between 2 above options?

1- Registration

You use your email and select any password for logging in to UNIGU.COM

2- Social Network Accounts

You log in with any of your social network accounts (i.e. yahoo, gmail, facebook, tweeter), without providing any password for UNIGU.COM. Only login to your account and then will be logged in to UNIGU.COM

a2) You will receive a Confirmation Request Email

a3) Open your email and confirm your registration

a4) Log in with your email

  1. Enter the email you used for registration
  2. Enter the password you created for registration
Register on UNIGU.COM


List Your Legal Services

  1. List with a Free Basic Listing at first
  2. Upgrade to a full Premium Listing

1. Basic Listing - FREE

  1. Your Basic Listing includes:
  2. The name of your law firm- full address- phone and fax number - google map of your office location- and a brief overview
  3. A basic listing each of your offices
  4. A short title stating your main area(s of practice)
  5. Publish your legal articles
  6. See the sample
Register on UNIGU.COM

2. Premium Listing - $99/year

  1. Your Premium Listing includes:
  2. Have your logo and pictures
  3. Have your videos
  4. Have more options like: website address- payment methods- free consoulting- ...
  5. Be in top search resault
  6. Links to your social networks
  7. Firm affiliations
  8. Description here
  9. See the sample
Register on UNIGU.COM


Start Lising and Creating Your Page

Listing for both Basic and Premium starts here.

  1. Your actual name as a lawyer
  2. Your law firm's actual name
  3. Your firm's physical address
  4. Full instruction here
Register on UNIGU.COM
Register on UNIGU.COM


See Your Page

After listing you can:

  1. Have the your page's link to copy or connect
  2. See your page
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Edit Your Listing

After listing you can:

  1. See and check all the fields you have completed to create your page.
  2. Edit your page
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Print Your Page

You can print your page and make it available for your clients