Lawyers & Law Firms Full Premium Listing Information

About Premium Listing

  1. Premium Listing includes all , plus more privileges:
  2. Easy and fast to upgrade from Basic Listing.
  3. Quick listing after payment (less than 48 hours after payment)
  4. for upgrading to a premium listing.
  5. Great opportunity to promote your legal services.
  6. Be much more searchable on web.
  7. Become a member of our specialized worldwide directory.
  8. Maximize your online presence.
  9. Let your Legal services be as searchable as possible.
  10. Be one of the tops in search results.
  11. Have a worldwide market.
  12. Premium Listing appears above Basic Listings in the directories.
  13. Introduce your legal services to the world through our site as a top in search results.
  14. Premium Listing includes following .

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Premium Listing Contents

Your Premium Listing includes:

  1. All plus:
  2. Full contact information:
    _ Lawyer and Law Firm Name
    _ Full Address
    _ Phone Number
    _ Fax Number
    _ Website Address
    _ Email
  3. Your logo or Trademark.
  4. Images for Law Firm and all attorneys.
  5. Links to your website.
  6. Links to your social networks.
  7. Firm affiliations.
  8. Publish unlimited legal articles.
  9. Post unlimited videos.
  10. List unlimited attorneys.
  11. List unlimited offices.
  12. Unlimited overview description.
  13. Full Range of Areas of Practice.
  14. Full description for areas of practice.
  15. More options for law firm:
    • Free consulting
    • Contingency Fee
    • Payment methods
    • ...
  16. Appear in top search result.
  17. See the
  18. See the

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Premium Listing Place

  1. Your listing creates a web page of your own like:, that you can check it HERE.
  2. Your listing appears in the directory of your country and your city, state or province (location of your office).
  3. Your listing appears under every area of practice you select (Up to 260 areas).
  4. Your listing will appear for searches in (in accordance with key words you use in fields of your registration form; i.e. name, address, overview, area of practice).
  5. Premium Listings appear above Basic Listings alphabetically.
  6. Featured lawyers or law firms section in home page is available for Premium Listings.

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Premium Listing Cost

  1. Premium Listing price is only $199 per year.
  2. Your listing will be online quickly after payment (less than 48 hours after payment).
  3. You can renew it easily every year, without listing again.
  4. After repayment your listing availability will be updated for one more year Immediately and automatically.

Compare "Free Basic Listing" and "Premium Listing"

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Your Premium Listing Web Page

  1. Have your web page with unlimited and full mentioned options.
  2. See your web page online Immediately after upgrading and payment.
  3. Check and edit your web page all the time.
  4. Print all your web page options.
  5. Share your web page in social media.

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Manageable Account 24/7

  1. You can access your account anytime, anywhere.
  2. Login
  3. Review and/or edit your account

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Review Your Listing

  1. Login
  2. Review your listing

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Edit Your Listing

  1. Login
  2. Edit your listing at anytime
  3. Save and submit


- Your name or your law firm name cannot be edited.

- You need a new "Basic Listing" and upgrading it to a "Premium Listing" to change or edit your name or your law firm name.

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Print Your Listing

  1. Easily print your listing (web page)
  2. You can find the print button on the bottom of the page

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Renew easily without listing again

  1. Easily renew your listing (web page) without any relisting
  2. By new payment, your listing will be continued automatically

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  1. It is your responsibility to submit correct information.

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How To Upgrade To A Premium Listing

For upgrading your page & listing, please to get full information.

Note: You should have a "Basic Listing" at first, to be able to upgrade it to a "Premium Listing".

A: First Create a Basic Listing:

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