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Premium Listing

For upgrading your page & listing, please to get full information.

Note: You should have a "Basic Listing" at first, to be able to upgrade it to a "Premium Listing".

A: First Create a Basic Listing:

After Contacting Us To Upgrade Your Page & Listing

After contacting us, you will receive forms, instruction & information for upgrading your listing & page.

Your "Free Basic Listing" will be upgraded to a "Full Premium Listing" in less than 48 hours.

  1. Complete requested fields
  2. List your social networks
  3. List your all facilities
  4. List all your offices
  5. Write your law firm overview- unlimited
  6. Select all your areas of practice - Max 260
  7. Add more areas of practice - unlimited
  8. Describe your areas of practice - unlimited
  9. List all your lawyers
  10. Add your law firm affiliations
  11. Write more information - unlimited
  12. Submit your images
  13. Post your articles
  14. Publish your videos

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